Refurbishment & Renovating

If you are wanting to refurbish or redecorate your home,  it is important to have the correct foundations in place to ensure a high quality finish. Homes in the UK can suffer from dampness and the age of the building effects the appearance over time. James Brown Plastering Ltd are experienced in a range of refurbishment and renovating services. These include:



Skimming is a Gypsum based material applied to internal walls and ceilings at approx 2-3mm thickness. Normally applied over plasterboard or existing walls that have cracks and/or blemishes.


Plaster Boarding and Stud Wall Installation

There are a variety of plaster boards for internal use, depending on the objective of the project. If you are wanting to sound proof a room or if there are problems with dampness then a moister board can be used to help reduce the effects.  For H&S concerns, a fire retardant board can be used.

Other uses are for erecting stud work and fixing plasterboard in the form of partition walling for lofts/garage conversions, extensions and residential dwellings.


Mainly used as an undercoat on masonry or other low suction areas, bonding/browning is primarily used as a backing coat to skim on where depths exceed the level of skimming.

Renovation Projects

At James Brown Plastering Ltd we are experienced with managing larger scale renovation projects or just the odd room in your home. From the scaffolding being erected to the last skip being taken away, the project will always be on our minds, as we believe good planning alongside great craftsmanship will leave you overwhelmed with the outcome of the restoration.  We have been stripping back properties to their brick essence and restoring their features and mouldings for over a decade.

Other refurbishment and renovating services include:

  • Electrical
  • Carpentry
  • Plumbing
  • Roofing
  • Painting
  • Flooring
  • Lime plaster
  • Ceiling Installation
  • Waste removal
  • Scaffolding

Plastering materials

There are many different types of plaster and many different styles in which we finish them in. Sand is quarried from different parts of the country and many suppliers stock  different types of sand, therefore it important to understand the materials needed for a certain style. As experts, we can advise the best solution for your specification.

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